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College Audition Check-Ins

Auditioning at music schools is difficult! I'm here to help take some of the stress out of this busy time.

  • Research schools

  • Decide on audition repertoire

  • Learn what to look for in a school and teacher

  • Narrow down your list of schools

  • Practice auditioning through mock auditions

  • Become more confident in your playing and audition skills

  • Learn audition secrets

At a College Audition Check-In, I'll help you...

At this time, College Audition Check-Ins work best for violists and violinists, since I know the repertoire intimately. If you play a different instrument or sing, please feel free to sign up for a check-in anyway--I just won't be able to work as hands-on with you on your repertoire, but I will still be able to assist you with everything else!

Book your first College Audition Check-In here!

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