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Online Viola, Violin, and Piano Lessons

My teaching is tailored to each individual student and their needs to create the most educational, fun, and welcoming environment. Weekly online lessons are given through Zoom. Looking for in-person lessons? I also teach in the Midlothian, Virginia area! I incorporate music theory and music history into each instrumental lesson to give my students a well-rounded musical education. I always work with the students to be sure they're learning music they truly enjoy, no matter what the genre.

I specialize in working with violists and violinists who are dedicated to music, and want to push themselves towards a goal. If you're looking to get into youth orchestra, college, or grad school, book a free trial lesson below to see if we work well together! I'd love to meet you.

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Book your free trial lesson here!

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What everyone's saying

“My child loves lessons. She used to get some performance anxiety before lessons, but Elizabeth makes her feel very comfortable yet still motivated to practice and improve, and my child is looking forward to class every week which is just terrific.”

-Adria, violin mom

Peek into the Studio

My Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Life Skills through Music

Teaching music is not only about learning to play an instrument--music requires discipline, organizational skills, and time management. While I love teaching instruments, I infuse music theory and history into the majority of my lessons, and life skills such as the ones mentioned above are learned through the process of practicing music.

Teaching Students to Teach Themselves

My favorite skill my own teacher instilled in me was the power to teach myself. My goal as a teacher is to provide my students with the unique skills they need to teach themselves. Private lessons last only 30 minutes to 1 hour a week. In order to receive the maximum benefit of private music lessons, I will teach each student fun and effective practice skills so they can make tangible progress in between each lesson.

Teaching Students to Communicate through Music

I teach students how to communicate and act through music. We often discuss being a stage actor with dramatic makeup and expressions--we have to convince the audience of what we're portraying! Every year we have a Halloween recital where students can dress up and practicing acting through music. We learn about as many different types of music as we can, playing it all in an effort to find what we love, to try portraying something we're not, and to just have fun and connect with others.


I hope to ignite sparks of passion within my students and to give them a real love and appreciation for music. Even if my students don’t go on to become professional musicians, I want them to understand the universal language of music and to develop the discipline learning an instrument provides so they can apply it to everything they go on to do.

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Book your free trial lesson here!



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Current Rates

30 Minute Lesson - $32.50 USD

45 Minute Lesson - $55 USD

60 Minute Lesson - $65 USD

Current Rates

30 Minute Lesson - $32.50 USD

45 Minute Lesson - $55 USD

60 Minute Lesson - $65 USD

Current Rates

30 Minute Lesson - $30 USD


45 Minute Lesson - $55 USD

60 Minute Lesson - $60 USD

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